Hi, I'm La Vita Weaver!

La Vita Weaver is an inspirational speaker, trainer, and author. As a mother of three, she knows firsthand how struggling with extra weight affects every area of one’s life. At her heaviest, her petite frame skyrocketed to an unhealthy 200 plus pounds. Her inspirational story of losing weight and overcoming binging and depression was shared in her faith-based health and fitness book, “Fit For God”.

Combining faith and fitness, La Vita produced “Hallelujah! Aerobics for Body and Spirit,” the first Christian exercise program of its kind, and the award-winning local cable health and fitness show, “Eternally Fit.” Her success story aired on popular tv shows and appeared in well-known publications. Serving as cohost on Trinity Broadcasting Network’s popular fitness show, “TotaLee Fit”, she had the privilege of sharing healthy living internationally with eight-time Mr. Olympia winner, Lee Haney.

La Vita's inspirational voice and expertise made her a leader of hundreds of successful classes and workshops. Today, she celebrates over 30 years of strengthening lives by promoting total health. Her interdisciplinary expertise fuels her passion to inspire the whole person—mind, body, and spirit—and her energy and genuine joy for life uplift the most downtrodden souls!

As an evangelist and health expert, she honors God with her unique gift of creativity in her teachings, books, videos, and workout programs and served in her local church for over twenty-five years empowering women of all walks of life to live victoriously in Christ.

With a heartfelt passion for all people to live life to the fullest, she coined the new phrases, “own your V.I.P.” and “work your worth”. She strongly believes it is critical to know that we are valuable, have a unique identity, and have a special purpose in God. Having our value, identity, and purpose placed in God is the foundation necessary to have a healthy view of ourselves and others, and to accomplish goals and dreams never imagined.

“Fit For God V.I.P. Style” is her most recent video program empowering youth and adults to embrace our V.I.P. to succeed. The latest exercise program, the V.I.P. Beauty Band Workout combines scriptural affirmations with toning exercises to shape and strengthen Body & Soul. “Fit For The Man In My Heart, Fit For The Man In My Life” is her latest book with twelve transformational tips to become the best version of yourself for God, for you, and your relationships. Its’ companion is the beautiful poetic book, “Fit For The Man In My Heart: Thirty-One Days of Sweet Expressions To Renew Your Faith In Love".

The V.I.P. Beauty Bag is a unique new product symbolizing that true beauty is beyond a woman’s looks or movement—it starts from the inside out. For what we carry within the bag helps us live better, love better and look better. In addition, once badly broken and bruised, now healed and renewed, La Vita’s enthusiasm and vitality truly inspire others. At almost 60, she shows that over 5o doesn’t mean life is over; with God, it’s a brand-new beginning!

Besides a deep dedication to helping others win at life with faith, love, and healthy living, La Vita’s greatest treasure is spending time with family and friends, especially her three daughters and nine grandchildren.