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This book is amazing! It reaches people in every environment, from younger to older generations. 

L. Brooks – Pastor

The front cover makes a profound statement of women empowerment. The inside concurs that we can nurture the genuine quality of feminine beauty and be strong to achieve our goals.

Karen G. - Senior Executive

Ms. Weaver, this message is powerful! Good for you for capturing a topic that affects so many lives. What makes this book special is that everybody can relate to it. I want to buy a copy for everyone I know. May you have the best of success!

Laura P - Teacher

Dear La Vita, I want to thank you! Fit For God To Win At Life helped me when I didn’t even realize I needed help. I was struggling with someone not liking me at work and after reading the first two chapters, I was able to let go of my concerns. It doesn’t matter what others think of me, the most important people in my life love me and I love myself. I was able to wipe the slate clean in my own head and it’s as though a giant weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

Your book also made me think further and realize that I’m guilty of criticizing others when they aren’t immediately friendly towards me. I will be more conscientious of this and not say anything negative about anyone going forward. You reminded me of the importance of staying focused on my goals and accomplishments. You also reminded me that it’s okay to continue learning and growing, and it’s okay to make mistakes because what’s in the past is in the past. Every day is new. You also inspired me to pursue my passion. You have many talents, but the most prominent one is being such a genuine, compassionate, friendly woman who lifts others’ spirits up! Thank you for sharing your experience and wisdom.

P.S. I love the reflective questions. You really made me think!

Love, Anne M. - Loan Officer

OMG! I had no idea that there was a book that talked about what I’ve been going through with bullies on my job. It taught me how to let people’s issues roll off, so I won’t internalize the criticism. What touched me the most is how you used the pain to write this message. You showed me how to get fit for the hater games and use pain to fuel my passion. And I can tell it definitely came from your heart.

Erica C. - Bank Teller

When my mom handed me the book, the cover grabbed my attention. Once I starting reading it, I couldn’t put it down. I had to grab a highlighter to capture the many thought-provoking points and inspirational quotes. Thanks for letting me know that it’s okay to be different and I don’t have to try to fit in with the crowd. Yes, I have been sidetracked in the past, especially when shots are thrown on social media. I now have new insights on how to stay focused on my goals. And every step of the journey is preparing me for something greater.

Jessica S. - College Student

La Vita, I have read all of your books; but I must say that this book really tapped into my core. I easily identified with many of the characteristics of “haters” and, yes, I confess to being on both sides at one time or another. Nevertheless, at 60 years of age, I can definitely say that it’s never too late to learn, and Fit For God To Win At Life is an excellent resource to help you “check yourself” so you can “correct yourself.” The entire book from beginning to end filled me with new strength and more positive ways of thinking.

Sometimes, people want to give up on women my age, but I believe this book could soften the hearts of even the oldest “hater” and help her live out her later years in a much better place. I truly thank you, La Vita, for pouring out what I know must have been painful with every key stroke. And I thank God for this wonderful, heartfelt book! And I would be very excited to participate in a workshop or a course where this book is taught.

Kim B. - Retired Federal Worker

La Vita, there are things on the inside that I’ve been dealing with that I didn’t want to share with anyone. These situations caused deep pain that affected my relationships with others and how I feel about myself. Reading this book made me realize that I’m not alone because so many people have had these same experiences. This book is going to touch so many lives, regardless of age, race, culture, or background. I can’t wait to attend the workshop!

Kim W. - Cyber Security Manager 

Yes, I’ve played a “hater” most of my life. I find myself critiquing women’s clothes, appearance and figure, even in church. This message helped me look at the unhealthy root of this obsession. When I was a younger, I was often teased and called “skinny Minnie”. I’m a lot older and I’m not skinny by any means; but I still struggle with my self-image. La Vita, thank you for writing this book. You didn’t condemn “haters”, but lovingly expressed how God can heal us too. Yes! I have started the journey to “break the hate”. Please pray for my healing and strength.

Claudia R. - Administrative Assistant

This book is a great read! It has a wealth of wisdom and practical application to live better in every environment. The extra information in the back and the healthy living tips are very helpful. I bought several books as gifts for friends and family. I also recommended it to my women’s study group. We will join the “Fit For God Woman’s Pledge of Honor List” to connect women to women and nurture healing, wholeness, healthy relationships and success in the lives of all people.

Maria B. - IT Specialist 

Quite honestly, I am still a work in progress. It’s been very hurtful when you find out that those closest to you talk behind your back. Every time I think I’m doing better, I get faced with another test. But your book showed me that critics are not going away. So thank you for helping me find a healthy way to handle difficult people and stay focused on my goals. This book is helping me with every area of my life, inside and out.

LaTarsha - Nurse

I’ve been so disappointed when I am compared to other people’s views of success. These comparisons to family and friends once made me doubt if I made the right decisions. Fit For God To Win At Life helped me see that true success is being who God created me to be and discovering His purpose for my life. As long as I give Him the best I’ve got, what God has for me is for me. Today, I am so thankful for the amazing privilege of raising four beautiful children who will grow up and make a difference in this world.

Alicia F. - Homemaker